Maydoll discontinue

Maydoll has officially announced discontinue. The staff has issued a statement expressing gratitude and apologies to the fans who have continuously supported the brand. The decision is due to persistent internal operational issues, particularly in production. Despite multiple changes in manufacturing facilities, the same problems persisted, leading to significant psychological impacts on the team, affecting their daily lives. After thorough internal discussions, it has been concluded that Maydoll will discontinue its operations. However, all existing customer orders will be fulfilled as usual. No new products will be released. Dolls currently in progress will be transferred to another artist who will continue their development.
Regarding Anubis Doll Café, we sincerely thank all customers for their support and affection towards the dolls from Maydoll. Our team consisted of just two artists managing all operations, which sometimes resulted in production delays. However, the quality and care of Maydoll were on par with larger companies. We have communicated with the artists, and our store will continue to be an agent. But future products will no longer use the Maydoll name.



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