About Us

From the Owner Who Love the Dolls

Our store started from owner who fell in love and liked dolls since childhood, whether it was Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, BJD, MJD, all of them have passed through their hands. Until now, We feel happy when dress up our dolls in many style. And we want to share this feeling with others.

“It would be nice if everyone had their own dolls.” Because looking at other people’s dolls can also see the diversity. Even though it is the same model from the same company, when decorated with personal preferences, it can look different from person to person. And this is another fun aspect of playing with dolls that our store wants to offer. “Buying beautiful dolls is convenient and accessible.”This is because most BJD and MJD dolls are made-to-order, making it difficult to wait for their production to finish, and canceling various ideas. This is the reason why our store was founded.

Because dolls are create from their thoughts , experiences , and human anatomy. To sell one doll requires a lot of effort and patience. Some dolls may take many years to complete. That’s why our store only sells licensed dolls, not just for the sake of safer materials, but also for the respect of the artist’s ideas and efforts. We want to provide a place where doll lovers can buy in-stock dolls.

Our store was registered as an e-Commerce business owner by receiving the ” DBD Registered ” trademark from the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand