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QQDoll - Zhuozhuo & Yaoyao (BJD Head) : Instock

QQDoll - Zhuozhuo & Yaoyao (BJD Head) : Instock


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Zhuozhuo & Yaoyao
Plain head
Creator: QQ doll
Size: 1/4
Head Circumference: 18.2 cm
Neck Circumference: 7 cm
Eyeball: 14/6 , 14/5
Follow artist:
ฺBirth : 2024

Plain head , COA

Skin color 
Mia pink

Yaoyao = Open mouth
Zhuozhuo = Closed mouth

- The skin color that the artist has mention is only a reference only
- Hybrids doll have a risk of getting a color that doesn't match the body you have. Please be careful when ordering. Not recommended for people who are serious about their skin color.
- All doll products are handmade, and we cannot guarantee them to be perfect 100%.

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